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    How to Back Up Your Android Smartphone 

    If your phone crashes unexpectedly, or worse gets lost or stolen, then you’ll not just be down the cost of a phone, but also a huge amount of data. To get around that, you need to enable cloud backups for as many things as possible, so that logging your account into a new handset transfers most of your data automatically. But not everything can be backed up that way, and that’s why it’s still important to take regular backups of your phone.

    While some third-party apps like Titanium Backup and Helium will let you take a full backup your Android smartphone, they are not for everyone. Most users don’t know about rooting their phones, or want to mess around with installing ADB drivers. No worry, it may take a few more steps, but you’ll get there (almost).

    (Also see: How to Securely Delete All Data From Your Android Phone)

    Here’s how to back up almost any Android smartphone.

    Backing up to the cloud

    On your phone, go to Settings > Accounts & sync.

    Under ACCOUNTS, and tick mark “Auto-sync data”. Next, tap on Google. Now, tap on the Gmail ID you used to sign onto the phone.

    Here, you can turn on all the options so that all your Google related information gets synced to the cloud. This includes your contacts, photos (uploaded to Google

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    How to Download and Install MIUI 7 on Your Xiaomi Smartphone 

    Xiaomi has announced the launch of MIUI 7 global beta ROM 5.8.22 for its smartphones. The MIUI 7 update will not be available for Xiaomi smartphones over-the-air (OTA) just yet, which means you will have to manually download and install the build if you are interesting in getting on board the MIUI 7 train.

    Here’s the list of what’s new in MIUI 7:

    New – Added four new system UIs (08-14, for India only)
    New – XXL text (08-14)
    New – Showtime: Set profile picture/video to show in your contacts’ device when you call them (08-14, for India only)
    New – Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lock screen. (08-14, For India only)
    Optimisation – System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10%. New – Quick OTP(For India only)
    New – Smart SMS Filter (For India only)

    Optimisation – System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10%.

    New – Contact cards: Exchange contact cards with your friend to view his/her profile picture and detailed information (08-14)
    New – Showtime: Set profile video to show in your contact’s device when you call them (You need to exchange contact cards with the contact first) (08-14, For India only)

    New – Added XXL text for the app (08-14)
    Optimisation – Searching results display the newer messages on top (08-17)

    Lock screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    New – Added notification page fold/unfold animated effects (08-07)
    New – Block notifications in notification shade by one press (08-18)
    Optimisation – Optimised Notification shade brightness bar interactive style (08-07)
    Optimisation – Optimised battery icon on status bar (08-07)
    Optimisation – Optimised status bar display effects when using large font (08-10)
    Optimisation – Optimised notifications’ height when using large font (08-10)
    Optimisation – Optimised ‘Manage notifications’ page display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Optimisation – MiHome app icon does not show in lock screen in Parental controls mode (08-11)
    Fix – Roaming icon did not disappear in some situations (08-10)
    Fix – Block button in some featured themes overlapped with clock widget (08-12)
    Fix – Notes widget display error when using large font (08-12)
    Fix – Pressing on toggles did not fold notification shade in Performance mode (08-19)

    Home screen
    New – Child mode (08-14)
    Optimisation – Optimised display effect of live blur (08-07)
    Optimisation – Optimised built-in widgets display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Optimisation – Optimised One-handed mode launching speed (08-10)
    Optimisation – Removed Settings and Security from Parental controls – Accessible apps list (08-11)
    Optimisation – Assistant and Google Now cannot be launched in Parental controls mode (08-11)
    Optimisation – Optimised prompt text when setting wallpaper in home screen editing mode (08-12)
    Fix – Home screen reloaded after deep cleaning (08-11)
    Fix – A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-21)

    New – Added four default themes (08-14)
    New – Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lock screen. Optimisation – Optimised start page images grouping method (08-19)
    Optimisation – Optimised baby albums’ UI details (08-19)
    Fix – ‘No images or videos’ icon showed for a moment when entering baby album (08-19)
    Fix – The baby’s age did not show under baby album cover when he/she is under 1 month old (08-19)
    Fix – Sometimes, shared album creator’s avatar did not show (08-19)

    Optimisation – Optimised playing status bar style in playing page (08-18)
    Fix – Audio settings background display error in some devices (08-18)

    Fix – Sound settings page texts were cut off when using XXL text (08-18)

    Optimisation – Improved app cold start speed (08-14)
    Optimisation – Background RAM usage decreased by 15% – 30% (08-14)

    New – Added XXL text for apps (08-14)

    New – XXL text (08-14)

    Clock / Calculator
    New – When it’s your birthday, the ringtone of morning alarm will change to “Happy Birthday “

    Mi Credit
    Optimisation – Updated Mi Credits centre home screen shortcut icon (08-20)
    Optimisation – Optimised display effect when using XXL text (08-20)

    As the name clearly suggests, the MIUI 7 ROM is still in beta, which means the performance is likely to be unstable and it can even lead to data loss. Now that you know the risks of installing beta software, but want to proceed anyways, we suggest you backup your Xiaomi smartphone before proceeding.

    As of this moment, MIUI 7 is available for the following Xiaomi smartphones: Xiaomi Mi 4i, Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Xiaomi Redmi 2, Xiaomi Redmi Note, and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G.

    Here’s how to download and install MIUI 7 on your Xiaomi smartphone:

    1) Identify your smartphone and download the MIUI 7 build corresponding to your smartphone.

    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Mi 4i – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Mi 4 – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Mi 3 – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Redmi 1S – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Redmi 2 – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Redmi Note – Recovery ROM
    MIUI 7 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G – Recovery ROM

    Most users should download the Recovery ROM for their smartphone. Flashing Recovery ROM will not wipe your user data or the files in internal storage and it’s simple to use, so unless you are planning to start afresh we suggest you follow this method.

    2) Once you’ve downloaded the Recovery ROM corresponding to your device, rename the downloaded ROM file to update.zip on the computer.

    3) Connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your laptop via a Micro-USB cable, and copy the ROM file downloaded into the root directory of the internal storage of your device (do not put it in any other folder).

    4) Enter the Recovery mode of your device. There are 2 methods to do it as follows:

    Method 1: Launch Updater app on your device, click the … icon at the top-right corner, and select Reboot to Recovery mode to enter.

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    Flipkart Big Diwali Sale, Jio Phone Rival Smartphone by Airtel, Samsung C9 Pro Price Cut, and More: Your 360 Daily 

    Honor has launched the 7X in China

    Highlights Jio Phone has the first of many rival 4G smartphones Samsung C9 Pro price in India slashed once again Intex and Xolo have launched a bunch of budget smartphones

    With the Indian festival of Diwali approaching soon, e-commerce platforms are gearing up for yet another round of mega sales. Flipkart has revealed the dates for its Big Diwali Sale, which will be held from October 14 to 17. Like most sales, the company has given a sneak peek at some of the deals that you can expect. Mobiles continue to be a big seller in such sales and according to Flipkart, we can expect discounts on some of the popular models. The ‘top sellers’ category has the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Lenovo K8 Plus, and Xiaomi Redmi 4A, in that order, while the ‘budget phones’ category has the Moto C Plus, Moto E4 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy J7-6. Flipkart will also be hosting flash sales every day during this period. The e-commerce giant is currently hosting a TV and appliances sale. 


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    Logitech Says You’ll Use Webcams With Your Smartphone in the Future 

    Highlights Logitech is about to launch its MeetUp video conferencing tech in India It’s priced at Rs. 99,995 and has a 4K sensor and a mic array In the future, USB-C enabled phones could use the same accessories as PCs

    “We’ve reached a point where everybody has video, the question is how do you make it good,” says Simon Dudley, Director, Product Strategy at Logitech. Dudley is in India to launch the Logitech MeetUp this week, the company’s latest video-conferencing hardware which boasts of a 120-degree field of view, a 4K-image sensor, and an array of microphones. At Rs. 99,995, it’s a far cry from a commercial webcam, or the camera that’s already there in your smartphone, but Dudley points out that there’s a continuum of devices that meet different needs.

    “I mean, you have a laptop, and you can use it for everything, you can use it to watch movies and shows, right? But I bet that you have a television in your home, because it’s a different experience,” Dudley says. The company is betting that instead of relying on expensive proprietary solutions for video-conferencing, smaller businesses and startups would rather invest in solutions like MeetUp, which can be plugged into a PC and used with whichever videoconferencing software you need to use.

    Like most people, Dudley agrees that mobiles are going to be the future of computing, and so we asked how this would impact the offerings from Logitech. After all, couldn’t smartphones replace what the company is offering? “In our marketing, we have a slogan, that’s ‘Huddle, don’t cuddle’, you know?” responds Dudley. “The phone, the laptop, they’re getting great and for personal use it totally makes sense to use those, or a webcam – and Logitech sells a lot of webcams – but the wide field of view of a MeetUp makes a big difference. Use a simple laptop camera and the person sitting next to you might not be in the frame.”


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    Global Smartphone Shipments to Grow Despite Device Shipments Decline: Gartner 

    Highlights PCs, tablets, smartphones to be shipped over 2.3 billion units in 2017 Smartphone shipment is expected to reach nearly 1.6 billion units in 2017 PC shipment is set to drop 3 percent

    Buoyed by a shift in consumers’ habits towards higher-priced premium smartphones, the overall smartphone shipment is expected to grow 5 percent this year despite a slight decline in overall device shipment, Gartner forecast on Wednesday.

    PCs, tablets and smartphones are projected to be shipped over 2.3 billion units in 2017 – a 0.3 percent decline from 2016.

    Despite this falling trend, the overall smartphone shipment is expected to reach nearly 1.6 billion units in 2017 as end-users’ spending inclines towards premium devices like Apple iPad and iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Amazon Fire HD, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 and Acer Iconia One.

    “The Samsung S8 and Galaxy S8

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    Samsung Expects Record Profits on Memory Chip, Smartphone Demand 

    Highlights Samsung estimated its operating profit for April-June at KRW 14 trillion That would make it more profitable in the period than Apple It would also be Samsung’s highest-ever quarterly operating profit

    Samsung Electronics expects profits to soar 72 percent in the second quarter to a record high, it said Friday, as it moves on from a recall debacle thanks to rising memory chip prices and increased demand for smartphones.

    The South Korean tech giant estimated its operating profit for April-June at KRW 14 trillion ($12.1 billion or roughly Rs. 78,338 crores), up from KRW 8.14 trillion a year earlier.

    That would reportedly make it more profitable in the period than US behemoth Apple, where consensus analyst forecasts point to a profit of $10.6 billion (roughly Rs. 68,626 crores).

    It would also be Samsung Electronics’ highest-ever quarterly operating profit, surpassing the KRW 10.1 trillion of the third quarter of 2013.

    Samsung apparently benefitted from increased shipments and strong prices for DRAM and NAND semiconductor chips, as it moved on from the Galaxy Note 7 recall fiasco last year and the corruption trial of its detained vice-chairman Lee Jay-Yong.

    Brisk sales of its new flagship Galaxy S8 smartphones, rising demand for flexible OLED products as well as soaring LCD panel prices also drove its earnings, analysts said.

    Samsung withholds sector-by-sector business performance until it releases its final earnings report later this month.

    But Greg Roh of HMC Investment Securities told AFP: “All the three sectors – semiconductor business, display and smartphone business – are all believed to have performed well.

    “This is a better-than-expected performance,” he added.

    The earnings forecast surpassed a market consensus of around KRW 13.2 trillion compiled by FnGuide, a financial information service provider.

    Sales for the April-June period are expected to surge 17.8 percent on-year to KRW 60 trillion.

    ‘Performing well’
    Analysts expected the firm to continue to post strong earnings this year.

    “Samsung will continue to generate quarterly operating profits hovering above KRW 13 trillion throughout the second half of this year,” Kwon Seong-ryul, a researcher at Dongbu Securities said in a report.

    He projects annual operating profits of KRW 50 trillion for 2017, up 70 percent from last year.

    “The chip business is leading the overall performance, the display and smartphone sectors are also performing well,” Kwon said.

    But Samsung shares were 0.25 percent lower in the first hour of the trading day in Seoul on profit-taking.

    The world’s top maker of smartphones and memory chips said this week it will invest KRW 20.4 trillion by 2021 to expand and upgrade its chip plants in the South Korean cities of Pyeongtaek and Hwaseong.

    The factory in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometres (44 miles) south of Seoul, is the world’s biggest and has recently started production after Samsung Electronics spent KRW 15.6 trillion over the past two years to build it.

    The company also plans to expand its NAND chip plant in the Chinese city of Xian to meet booming demand for the chips used in high-end storage products, it said.

    In smartphones, Samsung has been increasingly sandwiched by smaller Chinese rivals in the low and mid-end markets, and by Apple’s iPhone in the high-end segment.

    But the firm managed to post stellar profits partly thanks to the robust chip business, which supplies not only to its own handset unit but also other electronics giants including Apple.

    It also suffered a blow to its reputation after a humiliating mass recall last year of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone over faulty, exploding batteries.

    Refurbished devices – featuring batteries with a slightly smaller capacity – went on sale Friday in South Korea.

    For the latest tech news and reviews, follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    Tags: Samsung, Samsung Earnings, Samsung Electronics, Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Home Entertainment

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    How to Get Your Smartphone to Screen Potential Scam Callers for You 

    Patrick Lucas AustinToday 11:30amFiled to: TelemarketersSpamPhone Callswireless carriers1233EditSend to EditorsPromoteShare to KinjaToggle Conversation toolsGo to permalink

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    How to Set Smartphone Limits for Your Kids 

    Few adolescent experiences are as liberating as being granted a cell phone.

    The bond I felt with my first phone (a Nokia 6610), bordered on covalent, and that was sans access to today’s veritable buffet of games and social networks

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    Why Your Smartphone Seems to Slow Down as it Ages 


    Most of us slow down as we age. We’re similar to conventional machines, like old cars or hairdryers that run less efficiently as they get on in years.

    But digital gadgets, particularly smartphones? We expect them to operate quickly. Forever!


    In reality, smartphone performance eventually diminishes. Take my daughter’s experience with each of the iPhones she’s owned over the past several years. Once each was more than a couple of years old, they showed the telltale signs of age, including frozen screens, apps that would load slowly or not at all, and text messages that would not get delivered.

    There are several reasons smartphones get sluggish. According to Mike Gikas, who has covered and tested smartphones for more than a dozen years,

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    Your smartphone could be hacked without your knowledge 

    1:50 PM ETCNBC.comSHARES

    Hacking your smartphone

    The majority of smartphone users unknowingly give hackers access to their phones by doing this one thing. CNBC’s Andrea Day explains.

    Not only can your smartphone be hacked, it can be done very easily without your knowledge.

    “At the end of the day, everything is hackable. What I am surprised about is that people sometimes forget that it’s so easy to hack into these devices,” said Adi Sharabani, the co-founder of mobile security company Skycure, who used to work for Israeli Intelligence.

    Even if a malicious attacker cannot get into your phone, they can try to get the sensitive data stored inside, including contacts, places visited and e-mails.

    “It’s important to realize that the services your smartphone relies on are much more attractive target to attackers. So for example, the photo leak that happened from iCloud where a bunch of celebrities had their photos posted all over the Internet is the perfect example,” said Alex McGeorge, the head of threat intelligence at cybersecurity company Immunity, Inc.

    Often, the hack or data breach occurs without the consumer’s knowledge, according to Sharabani.

    And it’s not just consumers that criminals target. With the rise of smartphones and tablets in the workplace, hackers attempt to attack enterprises through vulnerabilities in mobile devices.

    Both Sharabani and McGeorge perform attack simulations for clients and find that these hacking demonstrations usually go undetected.

    “It’s usually very rare that a breach that originated through a mobile device or is just contained to a mobile device is likely to be detected by a corporation’s incident response team,” McGeorge said.

    And Sharibani agrees. He says he’s still waiting for someone to call him and say that their IT department identified the attack demonstration.

    “No one knows,” he said. “And the fact that organizations do not know how many of their mobile devices encountered an attack in the last month is a problem.”

    Read MoreCost of data breaches hits $4 million on average: IBM

    But there is a silver lining, according to the wireless industry.

    “The U.S. has one of the lowest malware infection rate in the world thanks to the entire wireless ecosystem working together and individually to vigilantly protect consumers,” said John Marinho, vice president of technology & cybersecurity at CTIA, the wireless association. CTIA is an industry group which represents both phone carriers and manufacturers.

    Here are the three ways a smartphone is most likely to be breached.

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