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    Distribution Release: HandyLinux 2.5 

    The HandyLinux distribution, a user-friendly French distribution based on Debian, has released an update to the project’s 2.x series. The new version, HandyLinux 2.5, offers mostly minor updates and bug fixes and is based on Debian 8.5. An English translation of the project’s release announcement lists the changes in 2.5: “Update the base to Debian 8.5. Update Firefox to version 47. Setting up a hosting service images. Everything is hosted on servers controlled by HandyLinux to avoid some risky images on other services. Update Thunar custom actions. Update Handysoft by Thuban (mainly bug fixes and better management of search). Added translations for Handysoft by the distribution Emmabuntüs. Thanks to them! Added Xfwm4 theme (window borders)…” Download: handylinux-2.5-amd64.iso (1,211MB, MD5, torrent, pkglist).
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     • 2015-05-16: Distribution Release: HandyLinux 2.0
     • 2015-04-11: Distribution Release: HandyLinux 1.9
     • 2015-02-03: Development Release: HandyLinux 2.0 Alpha 1

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    About HandyLinux HandyLinux is a French distribution designed for novice Linux users. It is based on the latest stable version of Debian GNU/Linux and it uses the Xfce desktop environment. The main feature of the distribution is a custom start menu with applications and Internet bookmarks grouped in tabs. HandyLinux integrates the latest versions of the Chromium web browser, LibreOffice office suite, Skype conferencing and messaging client, VLC video player and other popular applications with the stable Debian base.
    HandyLinux Summary Distribution HandyLinux Home Page http://handylinux.org/ Mailing Lists — User Forums http://forum.handylinux.org/ Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org Documentation https://handylinux.org/wiki/doku.php/fr/start
    http://tutos.handylinux.org/ Screenshots http://wallpapers.handylinux.org/Screenshots/ • LinuxQuestions.org • LinuxScreenshots.org • DistroWatch Gallery Screencasts LinuxQuestions.org Download Mirrors http://wiki.handylinux.org/doku.php/en/downloadhttp://arpinux.org/isos/handylinux/ftp://download.tuxfamily.org/handylinux/ • LinuxTracker.org Bug Tracker — Related Websites Wikipedia Reviews 2.x: Frederic Bezies (French)
    1.x: Frederic Bezies (French) • Frederic Bezies (French) • Everyday Linux User • DistroWatch Where To Buy OSDisc.com (sponsored link)

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    Distribution Release: Rebellin Linux 3.0 

    The Rebellin Linux project has announced the launch of Rebellin Linux 3. The new release of the Debian-based desktop distribution features updates to the GNOME and MATE desktop environments as well as new fonts and new hardware support courtesy of an updated Linux kernel, version 4.5. “Building a stable system on Debian Sid that’s reliable for day to day usage is hard. It took me quite a while this time. But I’m immensely happy with the result. Here’s Rebellin Linux v3. With the latest and greatest software from Debian. It’s fast, reliable and got all you need for a great multimedia experience. List of updates: GNOME Shell upgraded to v3.20, MATE version upgraded to v1.12, kernel upgraded to v4.5…” In addition, Bluetooth support has been added to the MATE edition and the project features a user manual. A complete list of changes, new features and screen shots can be found in the distribution’s release announcement. Download (MD5) (pkglist): rebellin3Gnome_64bit.iso (1,587MB), rebellin3Mate_64bit.iso (1,659MB).
    Recent Related News  • 2016-05-09:
     • 2015-02-13: Distribution Release: Rebellin Linux 2.5
     • 2013-10-15: Distribution Release: Rebellin Linux 2.0
     • 2013-04-16: Distribution Release: Rebellin Linux 1.5

     • More Rebellin news…
    About Rebellin Rebellin Linux is a beginner-friendly desktop Linux distribution based on Debian GNU/Linux. The project offers two separate editions – “Synergy” which is based on Debian’s latest stable version and “Adrenalin” which is derived from Debian’s unstable branch. Both editions provide a highly customised GNOME 3 desktop user interface. Starting with version 2.5, a MATE desktop environment option has also become available.
    Rebellin Summary Distribution Rebellin Linux Home Page http://www.therebellin.com/ Mailing Lists — User Forums https://therebellin.com/rebellin-linux-forums/ Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org Documentation — Screenshots — Screencasts Download Mirrors https://therebellin.com/download-rebellin-linux/ • Bug Tracker — Related Websites   Reviews 1.00: DistroWatch

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    Distribution Release: gNewSense 4.0 

    Sam Geeraerts has announced the release of a new version of the gNewSense distribution. gNewSense is based on Debian and is assembled using free and open source software exclusively. The distribution is sponsored by the Free Software Foundation. The latest release, gNewSense 4.0, is available in three architectures (i386, mipsel and x86_64). “I hereby announce the release of gNewSense 4, codenamed Ucclia. It’s based on a solid Debian, modified to respect the Free Software Foundation’s and is available for three architectures: i386, amd64 and mipsel (Lemote Yeeloong). Torrents for the live DVD images are available, as well as direct downloads and netboot images.” Links and further information can be found in the mailing list announcement and following thread of e-mails. Download: gnewsense-live-4.0-amd64-gnome.iso (1,081MB, SHA256, signature, torrent, pkglist).
    Recent Related News  • 2016-05-06:
     • 2014-02-09: Distribution Release: gNewSense 3.1
     • 2013-08-08: Distribution Release: gNewSense 3.0
     • 2013-07-03: Development Release: gNewSense 3.0 Beta 2
     • 2013-05-19: Development Release: gNewSense 3.0 Beta 1
     • 2009-09-14: Distribution Release: gNewSense 2.3

     • More gNewSense news…
    About gNewSense A product sponsored by the Free Software Foundation, gNewSense is a Debian-based Linux distribution released without any proprietary and non-free components, and several enhancements. Notably, all proprietary firmware, restricted modules and Debian logos are removed. The goal of the project is to produce a totally free (“libre”) Linux distribution.
    gNewSense Summary Distribution gNewSense Home Page http://www.gnewsense.org/ Mailing Lists http://www.gnewsense.org/Support User Forums — Alternative User Forums LinuxQuestions.org Documentation http://wiki.gnewsense.org/Main/UserGuides Screenshots LinuxScreenshots.org • DistroWatch Gallery Screencasts Download Mirrors http://www.gnewsense.org/Mirrors • LinuxTracker.org Bug Tracker http://bugs.gnewsense.org/ Related Websites Wikipedia Reviews 3.x: DistroWatch • Navy Christian
    1.x: Nuxified Where To Buy OSDisc.com (sponsored link)

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    Distribution Release: Proxmox 4.2 “Virtual Environment” 

    Proxmox is a commercial company that builds Debian-based specialized products. The company has released Proxmox 4.2 “Virtual Environment” with support for running LXC containers alongside KVM virtual machines and out of the box ZFS support. “Vienna, Austria – April 27, 2016

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