How To Download All of Wikipedia Onto a USB Flash Drive

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Wikipedia might not always be the most accurate source of information out there, but it is one of those things that I’m constantly thankful is around. You can actually ensure that the site is always there for you, even when you don’t have a web connection, by downloading it in its entirety.

We wrote about a way to do this with an open-source app called XOWA last year, but the process is actually even easier.


Wikipedia creates a download of its database on a regular basis that is literally just sitting there for you to download it. The site file is available to anyone who wants it, and it can be used for

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How To Stop Working When You're Off The Clock

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A few weeks ago I ended up going camping in rural Idaho for a few days. Purely by accident, the trip ended up being the first time I’ve truly disconnected for any significant period of time from the internet in probably 10 years.

Smartphones and readily-available WiFi have made it so we’re always connected to the world. That’s amazing, until you’re trying to take a vacation and forget about work for a few days, or frankly just enjoy a Tuesday night at home. To do that, Art Markman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, has a few suggestions. He wrote about a few of them this week in the Harvard Business Review.

Think About What You’re Doing Instead of Work

When you’re away from the office, there’s a little bit of FOMO that comes into play regarding what you’re missing out on while you’re gone. What if you miss an important email? Or someone really needs your input in a proposal? Clearly, you should check your email obsessively while you’re sitting on the beach just in case. Except no you shouldn’t.

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How To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Hurricane Harvey’s heavy rains and strong winds have already caused a tremendous amount of damage in Texas, with more flooding and damage expected to come to the area before the end of the weekend. And as people return to their homes and businesses after evacuating, they’re likely to discover a ton of damage, damage they need help repairing.

If you live in the Texas area, then helping can be as easy as offering a temporary stay to a friend who needs one, or helping someone you know clean up after the storm moves along. If you’re not in Texas (or even if you are) there are a ton of other ways you can help as well.

Red Cross

The Red Cross has already deployed a number of disaster relief workers to the area that are supplying things like shelter, blankets, and relief supplies. You can make a donation on the group’s website, via the phone by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or make a $10 donation by texting the word REDCROSS to 90999. If you’d rather help in person, the group has a volunteer sign-up page here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is also planning post-Harvey relief efforts and plans to offer long-term disaster relief as well. You can sign up to make a single donation to its efforts on the group’s website, or set up a reoccurring monthly donation.

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

If you live in the south Texas area, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center currently only has a day’s supply of blood and needs donations. You can schedule a time to donate by visiting the group’s website or calling 210-731-5590.

Texas Diaper Bank

The Texas Diaper Bank is asking for cash and diaper donations to offer emergency diapers for families that have been displaced by the hurricane. You can make cash donations on the group’s website, and specify you want your funds to go specifically for Disaster Relief.

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The New Rules for Safely Eating Seasonal Seafood

exactly the season that many of us are heading for the shore and eager to sample the fruits of the sea.

Do you really need to take the entire summer off from shellfish? And is the old saw about avoiding sushi on Mondays still accurate? We decided to check in on some of the old and new guidelines for seafood-eating to see what’s out of date, what new rules have fallen into place, and how to gorge ourselves on aquatic delights without running the risk of food poisoning (or worse).

Season-to-Season Guidelines

The old

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Amazon's HDTV Antennas Are Cheaper Than Ever For Football Season

Amplified Version, $24

Football season is just around the corner, and you can watch a ton of college games, plus local NFL games and Sunday Night football for free with a cheap HDTV antenna. AmazonBasics’ amplified and unamplified leaf-style antennas are both on sale right now, if you don’t already own one. I use the amplified version myself, and it’s great. If you need help deciding Lifehacker has a guide to help you out.


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What to Do Your First Day at the Gym

GIF Photo Illustration by Elena Scotti/Lifehacker/GMG, photos via Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons.

After you’ve mustered up the willpower to finally check out the gym for the first time, plenty of questions remain: What should you wear? What workout should you do? How does this machine even work? Here’s a primer on how to make your first gym experience awesome.

Most first-time exercisers tell me they’re intimidated by the gym because they have no idea what to do and don’t want to look or act like a fool. It’s normal to feel insecure or embarrassed about being clueless, but remember two hard truths: everyone starts somewhere, and no one is actually paying attention to you that closely.

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Encourage Teens to Focus on Quality Over Quantity in Their Social Lives

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Remember how high school felt like one big popularity contest?

While the stereotypical adolescent dream is to accumulate as many friends as possible, new research suggests teens who take the opposite approach may have more-fulfilling adulthoods.


As reported by Quartz, the journal of Child Development released a study finding that teenagers who reported an intense, close friendship exhibited greater self-worth and less social anxiety at age 25 than their more popular peers.

Social structure has tremendous psychological effects on teenagers (shocker), and while you may consider their friendships outside your parental jurisdiction, there are ways you can help them form closer bonds with a smaller circle.

Here’s how:

Explain the Difference Between Likability and Status

The new findings echo past studies, which uncovered a divide in the definition of

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Make Your Own Garlic Honey and Drizzle It on Everything


The last time we checked in for our staff’s Weekly Upgrades, our editors were busy consolidating to-do lists, introducing Twitter bots, and reveling in the joys of high-quality house slippers.

This week, our self-improvement efforts run the gamut from caving into a meal subscription service, investing in better tech, enjoying the old-school pleasures of the radio, and smothering garlic honey on absolutely everything.

What upgrades did you make this week? Let us know in the comments.

Michelle Woo, Staff Writer

With our weekdays being so full, my husband and I have started

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This Beard Trimmer Has Two Separate $10 Discounts Available (Plus a Free Snack)

Remington MB4900, $40 after $10 coupon and $10 discount at checkout

The Remington MB4900 has everything you need to to groom your beard, and you can take advantage of two simultaneous $10 discounts right now. First, clip the $10 coupon on the product page. You’ll see that discount at checkout, in addition to an extra $10 off $50 promotion, bringing the kit down to $40.


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How to Teach Your Kid a Second Language Even if You Suck at It 

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The idea of teaching a child a second language can sound intimidating. If you, yourself, are rusty in that language (say, you haven’t conjugated a Spanish verb since the 11th grade), it can seem impossible.

I have been a nanny for over twelve years. Despite being fluent in English and Spanish, I was completely overwhelmed the first time a parent asked me to teach their eight-month-old son some basic Spanish language skills. How do you teach a baby to not only their first words, but their first words in two different languages? But I took up the challenge because I know firsthand the benefits of being bilingual. After all, this family had hired me on account of it.

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