How to Buy: The Ideal Headphones

Highlights The first decision is which form of fit you prefer: in ears, on ears or over ears. Headphones are available in all budgets, so how much you spend is up to you. You can get an excellent pair of headphones for about Rs. 12,000. Buying headphones is a lot more complicated than it seems, because of the sheer volume of options spread across various price ranges. Headphones also come in different shapes, sizes and fits, which makes it important to decide exactly what kind of headphones you want based on how you intend to use them. Follow our guide to make it a bit easier.

How much should I spend?
This entirely depends on how much you’re willing to budget yourself for your headphones. Good options exist from as little as Rs. 150 to as high as Rs. 36,00,000, so you’re spoiled for choice. This also depends on your enthusiasm for good sound, as you will typically have to pay more for better sound. However, as a basic indication, it’s possible to get excellent headphones for about Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 12,000. The cost of quality increases exponentially after that, giving you only incremental improvements despite a large increase in the price. If you’re reading this post, you’re probably still starting your collection of audio gear, so it’s best to keep the budget within this limit for now.

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