How to Cleanup Your Twitter Account From Free Follower Spam and Revoke Other Apps

Highlights Your Twitter account can be exploited without your username, password Third-party app authentication is used by malicious tools to spread spam Never give access to any third-party app you don’t trust

There have been several high-profile Twitter hacks in recent times. That’s not something that most of us need to worry about though – very few are actually prominent enough to be targeted in attacks like these.

On the other hand, most of us are guilty of being careless when it comes to granting apps access to our services – if you come across an app that promises cool features, or says it will give you followers, you might be tempted to give it access to your Twitter account, which is rather like handing over the keys to your house to someone.

Sure, giving a trusted and well-known app such as Tweetbot or Fenix, or a service such as Buffer, access to your account is fine. But at other times, it’s just inviting trouble as Twitter authorisation can allow the third party to read your tweets, and also post tweets on your behalf. If you’re trusting enough to fall for the wrong app, then you can quickly see the potential for malice, as we discovered recently. Quite a few people we know have recently been affected by an app that promises to help you gain free followers – authorising leads to spam DMs being sent to all your followers, while your account will also start following hundreds of others. That’s probably how the follower count gets added, but of course, it’s not what you probably had in mind when signing up for this.

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