Ask HN: What good alteratives are there to Google News?

bradgessler 9 hours ago

It scrapes headlines from Wikipedia once per day at 8p PST. It’s encrypted. There’s no ads. It loads fast, as-in one request. Your activity isn’t logged.

I built this because I got tired of all the shitty tricks news websites play: obnoxious ads, “breaking news”, auto-play videos, pumping megabytes of crap into your browser, lack of privacy, and lack of citations.

Legible news is boring. It’s non-addictive. If you click on a link you might accidentally learn something about the historic context of a news story. I don’t log anything because I don’t care. Daily headlines delivered in one HTTP request (look at it in an inspector) over a CDN. It’s fast. I hope you like it, but if you don’t no worries, I built it for myself.


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