How new enterprise spaces are reshaping the network

But the case for future upgrades is far from settled.

While network upgrades in offices and data centres continue to progress along relatively conventional lines, technology evolution and new business models cast doubt on the long-term continuity of this type of spend.

On the business side, there is already movement in Australia to make both office workspaces and data centres more flexible.

But at present there isn’t agreement on what the role of the network will be in enabling these new types of operating models.

Take the office workspace.

While present investment is largely around kitting out office space with campus wi-fi and appropriate bandwidth to support collaboration or activity-based working, future models already being discussed challenge this very construct of an office.

“In a roundtable I convened, an organisation was saying, ‘we no longer need an office space in Sydney. It’s expensive and requires everyone to come to it’,” IBRS analyst Dr Joseph Sweeney said.

“‘But we also don’t want people working from home necessarily because we believe as a corporate culture that there is a value in bringing people together.

“‘So what we’re going to do is permanently rent space in other people’s offices. And what we’re looking for ideally is an ‘Uber’ of a company that goes around talking to other companies that have got space to let us

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