Melbourne Uni turns to wi-fi to limit students to their own faculties

Micro DC panel discussion at Cloud & DC Edge 2017. Reveals ‘edge’ processing plans and projects.

The University of Melbourne is considering a plan to dissuade students from congregating in libraries outside their areas of study by limiting their access to campus wi-fi in those places.

It is understood that undisclosed faculties have raised concerns that their students are unable to access faculty library resources due to other students using the spaces.

The university is hoping to tap its campus-wide wi-fi network – which has about 5000 access points – to identify the study areas of students entering or sat in faculty libraries “on-the-fly”.

Students entering a faculty library not related to their area of study could find their wi-fi access limited as capacity is prioritised to students actually enrolled in that faculty’s studies.

“Deans of some faculties are not happy that their libraries are being filled with all sorts of students who aren’t necessarily in their faculty, so their own students are missing out,” data centre and facility services manager Will Belcher told the Cloud & DC Edge Summit.

“They want to try and use the data from the wireless access points and controllers – we track

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