Sky TV NZ creates hybrid OpenStack-AWS environment

Uses sprints to bed down OpenStack.

Sky Network Television NZ has set up a hybrid cloud environment using AWS and OpenStack that has cut the time taken to deploy new projects and make changes to its products.

Created initially with the TV provider’s coders in mind, the environment can also be used by other business functions, which can spin up instances via a self-service portal.

The project was initiated when developers were asked to create an online video player during last year’s Rio Olympics.

Though Sky had an existing on-demand player called SkyGo, it backed onto on-premises physical and virtual hardware that the team believed would not scale or reach the performance benchmarks required, and was therefore re-architected to run on cloud instead.

“We ended up going into AWS initially which turned out pretty well because the way we approached it was well-architected and there was buy-in from all the different stakeholders – including security and networks – right at the start,” infrastructure architect Jean-Pierre Senekal told the OpenStack Summit in Boston.

“The way we did it was to template everything and automate it.”

Senekal said Sky then decided it wanted to “transfer that capability that we had in the

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