Don’t let a single day pass without doing something towards your goal

Originally based on this Reddit comment, the idea of non-zero days is quite simple. Just make sure you don’t let a single day pass without doing something towards the goals you have in your life. Make one commit to Github. Walk for 15 minutes. It’s the easiest thing in the world to actually do, but it’s a valuable exercise because it gets us in the habit of doing and thinking about our goals every single day. Once you do that one commit, you might easily find yourself doing 3 more. Once you walk for 15 minutes, it’s easy to walk for another 30 minutes. The commitment is small, but it’s just the nudge a lot of us need.

Based on these principles we created a platform that tracks your Non Zero Days and helps you stay accountable so you achieve your dreams of becoming a better you!

Choose your favorite tracker/app that you useSet your goal for a Non Zero DayPick a deadline for your long-term goalSet the price to pay if you have a Zero DayFirst 2 Zero Days (slips) are on usStart your journey to a disciplined you!

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