The “Chad” bug

The “chad bug”.

The Hangouts Dialer on Android absolutely REFUSES to find 2 of my contacts. I have 132 of them in the group “My Contacts” and all of them have phone numbers. Wanting to troubleshoot I tried searching for them one by one in Dialer: it can find 130 but not these 2.

I exported the contacts and looked at the raw Google CSV data. One of the 2 problematic contacts had a whitespace character at the end of its phone number. I removed it. Bingo, Dialer can now find it!

The other contact, “Chad”, has no whitespace though. Why can Dialer not find it? All this contact has is a name, a phone number, and an email address. I tried everything: deleting it, recreating it from Android’s contact editor, recreating it from the desktop at, clearing the cache and data from Hangouts, searching for “Chad” (capital C), saving his email as “Chad@…” or “CHAD@…”, etc. Nothing works, except one thing:

If I remove the email address from this contact… Dialer can find it!

I add the address back… Dialer cannot find it.

I replace “chad@” with “chad2@” in the address… Dialer can find it.

I add multiple addresses along with the real one… Dialer cannot find it.

It is as if Dialer is banning or blocking this specific user based on his email address. Did I block this user by accident (Hangouts options -> Blocked people)? Nope. Did I hid him by accident (Hangouts options -> Settings -> $my_account -> Hidden Contacts)? Nope.

[Edit: even weirder, I can find Chad in the Dialer if I start typing his phone number +13102… so Dialer is aware of the contact. It just won’t let me search his name.]

My version of Hangouts is the latest (6.1.109448852). Ditto for Hangouts Dialer (0.1.100944346). My phone is running Android 5.0.1. I only have 1 Google account on this phone. Nothing fancy.

Please Hangouts team, fix this chad bug.

Also, from an engineering aspect, I am very curious to know the cause of this bug. Off-by-one causing Dialer to see N-1 contacts instead of N? Memory corruption on my phone?
[Edit: the best workaround I came up with is to create TWO contacts, one with just his email address, and one with just his phone number. That way most Google apps see 2 contacts and I pick whichever one I need depending if I want to mail or SMS, and Hangouts Dialer sees only 1 contact (the one without the email address, which is what I need).]

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