Amiga OS Kickstart and Workbench source coded leaked

Generation Amiga has reported today a tweet from Hacker Fantastic saying that the Amiga OS source has been leaked, including both Kickstart and Workbench. Looking at the @hackerfantastic’s tweet, there is another user with the handle @TheWack0lian that offers a link to download the OS in a 130MB tar file which expands to 540MB of source code.


As far I could gather, Hyperion Entertainment, despite filing bankruptcy in January of 2015, still holds the rights to modify and distribute the Amiga OS. They even released on Dec 17th the Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition as Digital download, in partnership with Cloanto.

Apparently the source code is really related to Amiga OS. The tar file name refers to OS 3.1 but folders from the source code refers to version 4, which could mean the source code is pretty much up to date.

The retro scene is used to have almost everything “for free” and the fact Amiga OS is one of the few examples that still need to be purchased can show different reactions from the community.

We would love to hear what you have to say about it, as we could probably see illegal versions of the OS being released in upcoming months.

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