Android-x86 dev offers $50k for proof of contribution by Kickstarted ConsoleOS

Chih-Wei Huang cwhuang at
Wed Dec 30 07:27:01 PST 2015 Mr. Price,This is a public email to ask you to send methe pull requests of the “Console OS contributions”.As you said on Reddit: “… we respect Chih-Wei Huang’s technical contributions.But we certainly would have been willing to split our effort between mainliningcode vs forking, had he not demanded money to review our *pull requests*.The project is free to mainline our contributions…”It’s not true.You didn’t send me any pull request.Let alone I demended money to review them.Let’s do it seriously.Please send me the pull requests in the next 24 hours.I’m happy to review your pull requests for free.If your pull requests meet the following criterions,I’ll donate US$50,000 to your “Console OS open source project”:* It must contains commits of (at least) 10 new features you promised to the backers. Since the Kickstart campaign clearly said “Over 100 new features built-in already…” I just ask 10% of them so it should be very esay for you. You are free to decide which the 10 features are in.* All the commits must be implemented by your employees instead of copying from other projects. The code must be buildable.* The features should work as expected. Bugs are allowed but the main functions must work.The criterions are very reasonable.Once the cummunity has verified your pull requestsmeet the criterions, I’ll send you the donation.Don’t make more execuses to delay it.You clearly said you want to send me thepull requests at the time (in early November)you asked to cooperate, so the commits must be ready.Just give me the git URL in the next 24 hoursand you will get US$50,000 for your contributions.Easy?The deadline is 2016/01/01 00:00 (CST time).Don’t let us down again!PS. Please help spread the email as possible including Reddit(I wish I could do myself but I haven’t registered yet)– Chih-WeiAndroid-x86 project information about the Android-IA mailing list

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