Suicide Linux

You know how sometimes if you mistype a filename in Bash, it corrects your spelling and runs the command anyway? Such as when changing directory, or opening a file. I have invented . Any time – any time – you type any remotely incorrect command, the interpreter creatively resolves it into rm -rf / and […]

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The HARC First Year Report

June 2017 marks the end of HARC’sfirst year. In that time, we have made significant progress towardsour shared vision of advancing humanity through technological andeducational innovation, especially in the areas of programminglanguages, simulation systems, physical/virtual user interfaces,computer-mediated student-teacher interaction, and virtual reality. Here are year-end reports from HARC’s six Principal Investigators. Vi Hart View the […]

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Learning a hierarchy

October 26, 2017 We’ve developed a hierarchical reinforcement learning algorithm that learns high-level actions useful for solving a range of tasks, allowing fast solving of tasks requiring thousands of timesteps. Our algorithm, when applied to a set of navigation problems, discovers a set of high-level actions for walking and crawling in different directions, which enables […]

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